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Stomp Dance

Stomp Dance

Stomp Dance
After the Ceremonials are done for the evening, the Social Dances begin at Dark and often continue until morning light. These include dances such as the Duck Dance, the Stirrup Dance, the Go-Get- Um Dance, and the Stomp Dances. These dances are danced every night, all night, around the fire. In the stomp Dance, the men take turns leading the songs and the women, with turtle shell shakers on their legs, provide the rhythms of the songs. The dance is performed with a woman between each of the men, the adults first and the children bringing up the tail looking very much like "crack the whip". In old times, the shakers were made of turtle shells but today, evaporated milk cans with small pebbles in them provide the shaker sound. This dance is also called the "Canatross" or "Standing Quiver" Dance. It is said that a man who was married to very ugly woman, had a dream about doing this dance. It would be danced; man, woman, man, woman, etc, so that the man would be able to dance next to the pretty young girls.

11 x 17



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