Spirit Winds of Peace
The Epoch of the Peace Makers

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This started as a Cultural project for the 2002 Winter Olympics Ethnic Village, Salt Lake City, Utah, under the direction of Richard White, Seneca Cayuga Speaker and Faith-Keeper. It has since expanded to include a book and school curriculum

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Read the Stories that inspired the art
Field of Plenty
Field of Plenty
Sky World
The Sky Council
Turtle Island
Creation of
Turtle Island
Sky Woman
Sky Woman
The Courting of Lynx
Courting of Lynx
Summer Winter
Summer ~ Winter
The FOur Directions
The Four Directions:
The Earth is Finished
The first peach seed game
The First
Peach Seed Game:
Who Will Rule
The Earth
The Contest
The Contest
Read the Stories that inspired the art
Dekanaweda Jikonsaseh Hayenwatha The Confederacy

Birth of the Peacemaker

The Peacemaker and His Friends

The White Stone Canoe

Peace Will Come (to the Mohawks)

The Land of Plenty

Jikohnsaseh Listens

A Warriors Tale

Moment of Moral Regeneration

Hayehwatha's Condolence

Hayehwatha Finds the Wampum

Peace Comes
to the
People of Flint

The Tree of War

Going to
the Nations

the Yagowaneh

Great Peace Woman

The Proposal

Stilling the Waters

Healing of Adodarhohn

The Great Council

Mother of Nations

The First
Green Corn

Green Corn

Read about the
The Last Days

The Peacemaker's
The Boy Prophet

The Peacemaker's
White Peace Woman

Leon Shenandoah:

The Iroquois
A Living people